2015 Annual Youth Boat Trip

Gulf Cove youth arrived early for the 2015 boat trip. Both the young and old enjoyed the blue sky and white sand on Don Pedro Island State Park. The gulf water temperature was perfect and a high flying kite marked our position on the beach. Scott and Charles manned the grills to provide a great lunch for all.

Day end picture

2014 Annual Youth Boat Trip

The 2014 Gulf Cove United Methodist Church Annual Youth Boat Trip involved 9 youth and 3 adults on a jaunt to Don Pedro Island State Park. The white sand beach was quickly traversed as all 12 headed for the warm gulf waters.

First in the water Beach Photo Op Photo-op Shelter Shelter Beach activity Hightide When is high tide? Zac's sandpit What's in the bucket? Bucket

Zac couldn't resist digging a hole for himself and everyone else was happy to cover him with sand. When Zac's mother saw an emailed picture of her buried son, her comment was His ears are getting a little pink.

Unearthed Bucket How did he fit? Bucket Boatload 2


In the end we left with the same count as our arrival.