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What are apportionments?

Apportionments are our church's share of the total expenses of the Florida Conference and the UMC General Assembly.

How are apportionments calculated?

Each year the delegates to the Annual Conference approve a formula used to compute each local church's share of apportionments.

The current formula works like this:

For each church the expenses from three areas are totaled. The areas are compensation and benefits, operational items (utilities, postage, office supplies, yard care, maintenance, etc.), and program items (Sunday School materials, worship resources, etc.)

Take the total for each church and divide it by the total for all the churches in the Conference. This gives the fair-share decimal for each church.

Multiply each church’s fair-share decimal by the total amount of the budget(approved by Annual Conference delegates). This portion of the conference budget is each church’s fair-share.

Our 2013 Apportionments = $41,369.00

Our 2014 Apportionments = $39,365.00

Clergy Support$5,202
Conference Benevolences$10,622
Conference Services and Administration$2,952
World Service Fund$6,151
General Administration Fund$742
Episcopal Fund$1,796
Interdenominational Cooperation Fund$165
Ministerial Education Fund$2,112
Black College Fund$842
African University Fund$188
Jurisdictional Fund$358
District Apportionments$4,716
New Church Development Fund$3,519

Our 2015 Apportionments = $40,631.00

For more information you may download "The Guide to Apportionments" of the Florida Conference.

Download - Apportionments Guide Adobe pdf