Endowment Committee

MemberPositionPhoneLast Service Year
Rev. Mike WeaverPastor941-697-1747Automatic
Joan PriestLeadership Board Chair941- 268-4966Automatic
Ken PriestFinance Committee941-769-0581Automatic
Jim BrownTrustee Chair712-299-2084Automatic
Dawn TesauroTreasurer941-697-1747Automatic
Rick StarckEndowment Chair941-662-83112023

The Gulf Cove United Methodist Church Permanent Endowment Fund was established by a unanimous vote of the church council meeting held on February 5, 2012. With the same vote the Permanent Endowment Fund Committee was created.

Purpose of Fund

The fund is established to provide members and friends of Gulf Cove UMC the opportunity to make charitable gifts that will fund a permanent endowment. Income from the Fund will allow the Church to expand existing ministries and pursue new ones as we are prayerfully led.

The Fund is not intended to replace the need for faithful giving of our tithes and offerings. Instead, the intention is to supplement our current stewardship and financially enable the Church to expand outreach and faith-sharing efforts within the local community and beyond.

Administration of the Fund

The Fund shall be administered by the Permanent Endowment Fund Committee under the authority granted to the Committee by the Church Conference.

Gift Acceptance Policy

The Endowment Committee will accept or decline gifts according to the guidelines established in the Gift Acceptance Policy. All gifts will be acknowledged by written confirmation of the gift and of any terms and conditions of the gift acceptance. All gift related information will be treated confidentially. Committee members should avoid giving legal advice and should encourage the donor to seek his own legal and financial advice.

A prospective donor should ask for a complete copy of the Gulf Cove UMC Permanent Endowment Fund document which includes the Gift Acceptance Policy as a first step in his decision-making process.