Music Director

Music Director - Roy Engler

Phone: 239-543-3109


I'm so glad that you chose to visit our website! My name is Roy Engler, and I am here because I love people, music, and God! I have degrees from the Eastman School of Music and Westminster Choir college, and a cumulative experience in church music (although the experience seems to change constantly!) of about forty years. It has kept me young! Here's some of what I think about what I do:

On people:

All persons are to be valued and cherished as God’s children. As magnificent creations of God, they are worthy of respect and honor. They are also fragile and need kindness and love.

Each person that I meet enriches me with his or her uniqueness.

On music:

Music is my special gift. It is my everyday proof that God is here.

Music is ministry. If you teach music to one child in church, the chances are good that you are giving that child a basis for a lifetime relationship with God. If you teach music to one adult in church, you are giving that person a powerful way to know God better.

Music is for everybody. The person who says, “I am not musical,” might as well be saying, “I cannot cry,” or “I cannot laugh.” Music is an essential part of what makes us human, and in the church, where our humanity is most evident, is where music most belongs.

There is good music in all styles. While I am primarily a “classical” musician and composer, I enjoy and work in many different musical styles and idioms. I know that God uses different types of music to inspire different types of people. There is great richness in our human diversity, and great richness in the diversity of our music.

People come to church for many reasons, and with many different needs. I believe that music in the church should teach, uplift, and inspire. It is in this that I find the greatest joy in my work.

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