Myakka River Elementary School

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Alfred Current approached the Myakka River Elementary School in late spring and again in August 2014 about ways in which GCUMC could assist the school. They recently asked him back to confer in more detail. The school indicated they could use additional avenues for their usual fundraising activities; they need adults who can act as proctors during tests (just to ensure that children are not exchanging answers); and they need adults who can assist with the reading program. They agreed they could promote Trunk or Treat, the Thanksgiving dinner (including deliveries for shut-ins), Christmas activities (to include adding a few children to our Angel Tree program), and the Easter Egg Hunt.

Marsha Oakley has become a volunteer at Myakka School and has a few words to say:

If you would like to volunteer at Myakka Rive Elementary School, complete the application form and give it to Marsha Oakley.