Senior Pastor

Pastor's Discretionary Fund

Phone: 941-697-1747

When a person or a family are confronted with an emergency financial crisis and have no other options they may seek the help of a church. The Pastor's Discretionary Fund was created for just that reason. It is not meant for long term support but to help in a moment of need.

Our Pastor will talk with an individual to determine the nature and extent of the emergency. He may offer a meal if that is the need or possibly pay a utility bill for a month. Sometimes a gift card at an appropriate store may be the best solution. For obvious reasons we avoid offering cash.

Another approach for someone struggling to make ends meet is the budgetary training available through Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University. In the right circumstances we are able to offer a reduction of the normal course fees.

We also have an active Stephen Ministry program where a trained individual is assigned to listen, offer resources and referrals if needed, pray with and for you, and offer Christian love and support.