Small Group Coordinator

Small Groups - Sandy Doty

Phone: 941-875-4199

Sandy Doty is the Small Group Coordinator.

A small group is 3 - 12 people meeting on a regular basis for prayer, worship, Bible study, fellowship and accountability. It may be organized around common interests. It could be based on an activity or course of study. Small groups can be short or long term.

Small groups are encouraged to participate in a "service project" together. Some examples may be a youth event, a bake sale, or community clean up events. We all need to have a sense of belonging and small groups provide a safe way to connect with others. The trust and friendship fostered in a small group grows into a bigger church community.

There are several small groups meeting now within Gulf Cove UMC. If you would like to join or create a new small group talk with Sandy Doty.

Small groups are responsible for keeping their website information updated. Any member of a small group can update their group information. You must first login. Then navigate to "MODIFY->Small Group Admin".

Have you tried Small Group Bowling?

We meet every Sunday night at 6:30 PM at Treasure Lanes Port Charlotte for small group fellowship and BOWLING! Cost is $2/game, plus $3.50 for shoe rental. Most people bowl 2 games, so the cost is ~$8/pp. Some just come to watch and enjoy the fellowship! Open ended, so you can join us when you are able. (All ages and skill levels are welcome!)

Bowling 01 Bowling 02