Matthew 18:20 -- For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.

Whether making new friends or digging deeper with old friends, meeting over a meal binds people in special ways.  “Dinner for Six” is a simple meal program of rotating companions, locations, and responsibilities each month.

It takes 3 couples, pairs, or mixed singles to compose the group of six.  Each pair will take one of the following responsibilities for each meal.  You will meet once a month for 3 months; this gives each pair the opportunity to fill each role once.  You will rotate roles each month, so everyone gets a chance at hosting or providing salad or dessert, etc.

  • Host/Main Dish
    • Coordinates date and time for dinner with the folks in their group.
    • Provides the main dish and lets others know the “theme” (Italian, Asian, picnic, stew, etc.)
    • Leads the entertainment/activity for an ice breaker, if desired (not required).
  • Salad/Rolls
    • This is a great introduction spot. Easy to make or purchase pre-made.
  • Veggie & Dessert
    • Also, easy and fun.

Registration is between 3/1/24 and 3/27/24.  You will be notified of your group by 3/29/24.  Then, you can plan your first dinner for September.  Contact Kathy Mortensen at 530-210-6149 or for any questions.

Have fun, enjoy, and eat well.