Our Pastor

Our Pastor

Rev. Mike Weaver, Kelly, Myleigh, and Karlie


Pastor Mike’s heart is for the least, last, and lost. Pastor Mike leads the church by supporting the congregation in the mission of bringing wholeness, justice, and love to the world, through a thoughtful, faithful community. He is also responsible for comic relief and helping laughter be part of our process. Life (and ministry) are full of struggle and challenges. Laughter won’t negate or erase those wounds, but it does soften them for our journey together. Why can’t we have fun while BEING the church, the hands, and feet of Jesus?



Pastor Mike is a native Floridian born in Ft. Myers. He is married to Kelly, his College Sweetheart. They have two daughters, Myleigh and Karlie, who are extraordinary and ENERGETIC in every way.


Other Interests

Michael is a freelance authority on all things “Simpsons,” and an addicted lover of strong coffee. He also enjoys jogging (even though he isn’t really good at it), camping trips, Disney trips, and just being a part of this great and loving Englewood/Port Charlotte community.



B.A., Psychology: University of Central Florida
M.Div., Asbury Theological Seminary