Sharing with our Community

Thanking God and Sharing with our Neighbors

Every Thanksgiving we open our doors and share a free Thanksgiving Dinner with everyone who joins us. 

We typically offer both sit-down dinners and drive through.  People love both.  Sitting down with folks and sharing the joys of being together makes a special day.  Our drive thru option allows you to take full meals home to enjoy (yes, pie too!).

This is a free Thanksgiving dinner prepared by the busy hands of our congregation.  

In 2022, due to Hurricane Ian we could only provide drive thru because our building wasn’t ready for guests – we needed a roof.  Yet, our kitchen was operational enough to prepare and serve a full turkey feast!  We anticipate to be a fully operating building in 2023.  

Come and join us.  You can join by enjoying the meal or come and help us prepare the meals.  It is a very fun day either way.

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