FLAMINGO FLOCKING ~ The Youth and Jackie Guerin, our Youth Director, are bringing back this youth fundraiser

The “rules” are as follows:   

  • Flamingo Flocking will occur twice a month and continue through at least June 2024. 
  • Flocks will be placed on Sunday evening and picked up on Wednesday evening.  The flamingos will be in the flockee’s yard for 3 days.  
  • To have someone flocked, the donation is $45. 
  • There is no fee for flocking-pick-up.  However, for an other-than-Wednesday-evening removal, the donation is $15, to be paid, of course, by the flockee. 
  • Specialty Flocking:  The flockor selects the non-Sunday flocking date and how long the flock remains standing at the flockee’s home, along with any sign they would like the youth to create.  The donation for a specialty flocking is $100. 
  • Anti-flocking insurance may be obtained by anyone who does not want their yard flocked for a $45 donation.  The insurance will be good through June 2024.

Regular Meeting Times

  • Wednesday evenings: 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM
  • Sunday afternoons: 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Drop in, you are always welcome!

To be effective in our ministry to students at Gulf Cove UMC, it is first our goal to exemplify Christ’s love to our students and then extend that love to the community around us.

Our youth group includes those in grades 6 thru 12.


It is the vision of the student ministries at Gulf Cove UMC to offer strong Christian examples of unhindered love and encouragement for the kids and teens within our church and within our community. Through creative Bible lessons it is our hope to not only educate students in sound biblical doctrine, but to also equip them to deal with life struggles, peer pressure, family stress, etc. in a Christ-like manner. It is our vision to extend that example beyond the classroom as we build relationship with students – through intentional contact and fellowship – encouraging and equipping them to take the faith learned and extend it outward in their own lives.


It is the purpose of the student ministries at Gulf Cove UMC

  • To love students fully and completely
  • To be living examples of Jesus Christ
  • To equip and empower students to step into their worlds as beacons of Christ’s love and light

Active Youth

Our Youth are very active within their own group and with outreach to the world.

In 2022, these teens did everything from participating in Salvation Army Bell Ringing, caroling during the Christmas holidays, participating as leaders in our annual Vacation Bible School, and even went on a week-long mission trip to Tennessee working with other teens from around the country to make a difference. 

Watch for their action in 2023!  Our Youth have already hosted a Youth Group from the Panama City UMC who came here to help our kids work on rebuilding our church after Hurricane Ian.  And they have more exciting events planned for this year.

In July our youth led groups and worked with the team for Vacation Bible School.  They really made the week lively and fun!

Yet being a teenager must include fun and these kids know how to do it. From beach parties, skating parties, mini-golf, bowling, summertime Tuesday lunch bunch, and more – the sky’s the limit for these young people. 

They are really leaders, not blind followers. It’s a joy to watch how they take charge and plan for a bright future.